About SSP

Superior Seed Producers is a collective of local Thunder Bay area growers who promote the saving and distribution of locally adapted, sustainably grown, open-pollinated non-GMO seeds in Northwestern Ontario, while educating and supporting those who want to learn more about saving seeds.

Our aim is to provide gardeners who have favourite varieties adapted to our climate an opportunity to share them in a meaningful way that acknowledges the work involved. By including numerous growers who can contribute one or a few locally adapted varieties, we are developing a range of local seeds to sell.


Superior Seed Producers’ guiding principles are sustainable seed production and the pursuit of food security. We produce and sell high-quality garden seed optimized for northern growing. Our seed is open-pollinated (not hybrid), non-GMO, grown following organic principles, and germination tested. We encourage and educate gardeners in the production of their own garden seed.

Are you looking for local seeds to buy? See our SSP Seeds for Sale page.

Preparing Dried Beans

Preparing Dried Beans

Do you have a favourite open-pollinated veggie or flower from which you save seeds every year to replant? Are you comfortable with the ‘purity’ of your variety? If so, you may like to sell some of your extra seeds. See our Producing for SSP page.

Through our collective effort, we create the seed packets/labels, and find locations/events at which to sell seeds and promote seed saving.

Roots to Harvest sells our seeds and assists us with germination tests and packaging. Growers have the option of doing the packaging themselves.

EcoSuperior sells our seeds at their storefront on Red River Road.