Homeschooler Parsnip

A productive and tasty parsnip

This parsnip originally comes from England, but has been adapted and raised by the homeschooled child of seed producers Jem and Meredith Klein, in Northern California. Since then it has become adapted to drier weather and heavy soils. Root Cellar Gardens started growing out Homeschooler when they got the seeds from a seed exchange in Oregon. Parsnip needs a long growing season, so plant as soon as the ground can be worked. Loosen soil to accommodate long roots. Plant thickly, 2 seeds per 2.5 cm/inch. about 0.5 cm deep, in rows 30 cm apart. Seeds take 2-3 weeks to germinate. Thin to 5-10 cm apart. Days to maturity: approx. 100. (approx 200 seeds/pkg)

This seed is open pollinated (non-hybrid). You are welcome to produce seed from this crop for your own use.

Produced by:
Root Cellar Gardens – South Gillies, Ontario

Roots to Harvest – Thundr Bay, Ontario