Popeye Spinach

Popeye Spinach from Superior Seed Producers

Productive and delicious!

A new, open-pollinated variety of savoy spinach. Popeye was bred by growers at Seven Seed Farm in Oregon by letting their favourite savoy spinach varieties cross-pollinate. They then spent years carefully selecting the best plants to save seed from. They recently released Popeye to the wider spinach-growing public, and we were excited to give it a try. With so much genetic diversity in the population it has great potential to adapt to our region. Even in its first year growing here it was productive and delicious. Days to maturity: 50-60. (approx. 250 seeds/pkg)

This seed is open pollinated (non-hybrid). You are welcome to produce seed from this crop for your own use.

Produced by:
Root Cellar Gardens – South Gillies, Ontario