Time to pick!!

Tender broccoli-like plant, matures quickly, grows best in cooler weather. Plan for spring & fall harvest. Early crop, start seeds indoors late March/early April. Transplant outside in late April/early May, 45 cm (18″) apart in rows 90 cm (3′) apart. When the weather becomes hot, check plants daily. High temperatures cause flower buds to open quickly, and taste and quality rapidly deteriorates.

Fertilizing is essential. Use a balanced NPK granular or 20-20-20 water soluble, or organic equivalent. Keep the area weeded and evenly watered. One packet sows approx. 20 m (66’) of row when thinned to a 40-50 cm (16-18”) spacing.

This seed is open pollinated (non-hybrid). You are welcome to produce seed from this crop for your own use.

Produced by:
Mile Hill Farms – South Gillies, Ontario