Sugar Snap Pea

Sugar Snap Pea

Great in stir-fries!

Addictively good, sweet snap pea.
Vines up to 8′ when trellised (do need support). Pods bear over a long period. Planted in double (or more) rows, they create a stunning wall of vines, white flowers, and endless snacking potential. Direct seed, 1-1/2″ apart, 1/2-1″ deep in spring when soil can be worked. Peas can be planted all summer, but prefer cool conditions, so early-planted crops tend to produce more vigorously. Days to maturity: 62. (approx. 50 seeds/pkg)

This seed is open pollinated (non-hybrid). You are welcome to produce seed from this crop for your own use.

Produced by:
Root Cellar Gardens – South Gillies, Ontario

Urban Farm Organics