Zeppelin Delicata Squash

Zeppelin Delicata Squash

Very tasty squash!

(Cucurbita pepo)

Very short vines produce oblong cream coloured slightly ribbed fruit with thin green stripes. Squash are about 15-20 cm (6-8″) long and 9 cm (3.5″) in diameter. Six or more fruit per plant. The squash have very sweet orange flesh, many edible seeds and thin skin that can be left on during cooking. Also called sweet potato squash. A good winter keeper compared to other pepo types. Should be started indoors, and transplanted outside after the last frost. May be spaced closer than other squash varieties. Days to maturity: 80-100. (approx. 20 seeds/pkg)

This seed is open pollinated (non-hybrid). You are welcome to produce seed from this crop for your own use.

Produced by:
Root Cellar GardensSouth Gillies, Ontario