Producing Seed for SSP or Yourself

SSP-vineSuperior Seed Producers is a collective of growers in and near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We produce and market open-pollinated, non-GMO, locally adapted flower and vegetable seed.

SSP’s members support each other and contribute to the production and marketing of local seed. We grow seed according to recommended quality control standards (e.g., isolation distances while growing, germination testing before packaging). We share advice and guidance, seek out and take advantage of educational opportunities, and participate in the tasks of packaging and marketing.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right! Saving high-quality seed does not have to be complicated – some species are easy and some are more challenging.

When saving seed in order to market it, quality control is paramount. Certain procedures such as maintaining separation distances between varieties of the same species, and “roguing,” or removing individual plants that are off-type, must be carried out. For many plants such as peas and beans, these procedures are quite simple.

A very good resource is the Seed Saving Guide (PDF) from Organic Seed Alliance.

Seeds of Diversity Canada's Save Your Own Seeds book coverSeeds of Diversity Canada has also developed some easy factsheets, and publishes an excellent guide entitled How to Save Your Own Seeds, which you can order for only $15, shipping included. Click here to see these resources.


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And, speaking of Roots to Harvest, view their musical video to get in the groove for seed saving!